Simple community
gate access

That means no clickers, no call boxes, and no expensive phone lines. Welcome to app-based community access that works for everyone.

Mobile App

Open Gates With Your Phone

Residents, staff, and vendors can access gates & doors with the tap of a button on their phone.

Open Gates With Voice Controls

Open gates & doors hands free with Siri - one of residents' most-loved features!

Easily Provide Guest Access

Residents can open gates and doors for their guests using the mobile app - no need to get up from their couch.

Management Portal

Easy User Management

Quickly add/remove residents or staff on the fly, or set up an integration with your property management system to automate the process

Access Log Visibility

Easily view the access log that shows you every time someone opens a gate or door at your property.

Gate & Door Management

Want to set specific hours for your pool? Want to remove the gym from the mobile app? You're in full control of access points with Gatewise.

Are you ready to simplify your community access control?

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