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Gatewise Mobile App

Your phone is your key to gates and doors in your community, now with added voice command convenience for hands-free access

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Gatewise mobile app in action
Gatewise mobile app in action

The simplest and most convenient way to provide access to your community

Open gates with your phone

Immediate gate and door access with a simple tap on your phone

Open any access point with a simple tap on your phone
Remotely operate gates from anywhere
Securely logs each gate opening for management and security

Open gates with voice controls

Hands-free gate access through Siri and Google Assistant integration

Use Siri or Google Assistant to open gates hands-free
Integrates with smart home systems for a connected experience
Ensures accessibility and ease of use for all residents

Easily provide guest access

Instant and secure temporary access for guests with easy management

Instantly send a Visitor’s Key for temporary guest access
Customize access duration for each visitor with ease
Share access links via text or email directly from the app

Frequently asked questions

Can residents still use the mobile app if there's no internet?

Yes. Gatewise employs cellular data and Bluetooth technologies to guarantee reliable access control.
  • Cellular data ensures gate and door operations are seamless across wide areas, tapping into robust wireless networks for nationwide coverage.
  • Bluetooth adds a layer of reliability by enabling access in close proximity, perfect for when cellular data might be inconsistent or for ensuring quicker entry. This dual-technology approach guarantees uninterrupted access for residents, staff, and vendors, enhancing the living experience without sacrificing security.

How can guests be granted access?

The Gatewise app facilitates effortless guest access through the use of a Visitor’s Key, which can be sent directly from a resident's smartphone. This key grants temporary access, tailored for guest convenience, allowing for straightforward entry without physical keys or codes. This feature not only simplifies visitor management but also empowers residents with control over their guest's access, making community living more inviting and secure.

Can community managers monitor who is coming and going in the community?

Yes. Gatewise's detailed access logs provide a transparent overview of community entry and exit activities, offering insights into who accesses the community, when, and through which entry point. This data is invaluable for maintaining security protocols, auditing access patterns, and identifying any potential misuse of access privileges. Real-time alerts and comprehensive reporting tools further enhance the ability to monitor and manage community access effectively.

What happens if a resident's phone is lost or stolen?

In the event of a lost or stolen phone, Gatewise allows for immediate deactivation of the associated access privileges, ensuring unauthorized individuals cannot gain entry to the community. This quick-response feature is crucial for maintaining security integrity. Once the situation is resolved, access can be easily reinstated, minimizing inconvenience for the affected resident while keeping community safety a top priority.

How does Gatewise integrate with property management systems?

Gatewise's integration with leading property management systems streamlines administrative workflows, simplifying the process of managing access permissions and user roles. This seamless integration ensures that resident, staff, and vendor information is always up-to-date, reducing administrative overhead and enhancing operational efficiency. The ability to synchronize data across systems means less time spent on manual updates and more focus on providing a superior living experience for residents.

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