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Gatewise Management Portal

Gatewise provides an cloud-based portal that offers community managers an intuitive solution to manage gates, amenities, and resident access

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A simple, yet powerful solution to multifamily access control

The Gatewise management portal lets you manage all gates and doors at your property with ease. Because the portal is cloud-based, you can access it from anywhere, on any desktop, laptop or tablet - no dedicated computer required!

Manage users easily

Quickly add/remove residents or staff on the fly, or set up an integration with your property management system to automate the process.

View your visitor log

Easily view the access log that shows you every time someone opens a gate or door at your property.

Set custom schedules

Customize opening times for daily routines and secure facilities after hours, with flexible adjustments on demand.

Hide access points

Select which access points are visible in the mobile app. Ex: If your gym is closed for renovation, remove that button from the app.

Build user groups

Assign a resident to a user group to automatically allow them to use specific access points associated with that group.

Limit remote access

You can designate access points as short-range access only. Residents must be in close proximity to access the amenity via Bluetooth.

What types of users can the Management Portal manage?

You can manage a variety of user types, including residents, staff members, and vendors. Each user type can have tailored access permissions to fit their role and needs within the community.

What access levels can staff members have in the portal?

Staff members can be granted different levels of access to ensure they can perform their duties effectively:
  • 24/7 Gates & Doors Access: Allows entry to community gates and doors at any time.
  • Restricted Portal Access: Offers full management capabilities except for the ability to modify staff member permissions.
  • Full Portal Access: Grants complete control over the portal, including adding or deleting staff members and editing all access points.

What are the benefits of a cloud-based management portal?

A cloud-based portal like Gatewise offers several advantages: Access the portal from anywhere, at any time, even via your phone, automatic updates and no need for technical upkeep, and enhanced security through centralized data management and real-time updates.

Can I grant temporary access to prospects and vendors?

Yes, the Management Portal allows you to grant temporary access to prospects and vendors. They receive a secure web link on their phone for one-time or limited-time use, enabling them to access designated points without needing the mobile app. This feature is perfect for deliveries and property viewings, maintaining security while providing convenient access.

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Transition to Gatewise smoothly with our quick quote process. Installation for small setups completes in hours, larger systems in a couple of days. We provide a streamlined, step-by-step migration, reducing downtime and ensuring a smooth switch.
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