Open gates and amenity doors
with a smartphone.

Simple, affordable, and secure access control for multifamily communities.

simple and secure access

It’s time gate entry systems were re-imagined

Tired of dealing with clickers, key fobs, broken call boxes, and key pads that everyone has the code to?


Provide your residents with our top rated gate app that offers more reliable and convenient community access than traditional systems.

access control built for multifamily

A gate entry system
that works for you

At Gatewise, we believe in making community access simple. From our integrations with leading property management systems, to our top-tier customer support, to the ease of use of our gate app, we can alleviate the pains of traditional access systems.

App-based gate access

The Gatewise Mobile App

With our modern gate access app, your residents can access the community and amenities with the click of a button and guest access is a breeze with our Visitor’s Key and remote open options.

Easily access the community with the tap of a button on your gate app or use voice commands like ‘Hey Siri’ and ‘Hey Google’.

Send a Visitor’s Key right from your gate app to allow your guests temporary access to the community.

When your delivery driver arrives, simply press the button in the app to let them in.

‘Hey Siri, open my gate’

Modern Multifamily Access Control

The Gatewise
Management Portal

The cloud-based management portal is your hub to manage users, edit access point settings, view the access log and more. Log-in from anywhere on any laptop or tablet.

Whether you need to set a schedule or remove the access point from the app, you can update settings with just a few clicks.

It’s easy to add and remove residents, staff, and vendors to ensure the only authorized people have access to your property.

The access log provides full details of who triggered the opening of access points across your community. Plus, you can receive alerts that a resident may be sharing their app access with someone else.

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