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Gatewise offers a modern Gate App
for multifamily communities.

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Our Mission

Community gates rely on outdated and unreliable technology.

  • High upkeep and repair costs.
  • Communication issues with various hardware.
  • Costly to replace.
  • Slows down traffic and frustrates tenants.

So we fix it

Modern gate access
via smartphone

  • – Phase out fobs, call-boxes, clickers, and access cards.
  • – Managed completely in the cloud via web portal (No designated computer required).
  • – Works for vehicle, pedestrian, and amenity gates.
  • – Easy access for visitors and deliveries.
Our Partners

Modern gate access

using a smartphone

Replace obsolete systems

Simply put: when your gate access system doesn’t work reliably, or takes hours to update, you’ve got a problem. Gatewise offers a modern alternative to the traditional access system we all know and love 🙂

Give modern tech

to tenants

Urban or luxury community tenants want the best. Smartphone access is a major upgrade that can replace or work alongside your existing solution.

Reduce gate congestion

Do you have gates on busy streets? Visitors using the callbox, tenants fumbling to find their clickers, and unreliable hardware all cause traffic backups.

What clients say
Stephanie Graves
Multifamily Executive, Speaker & Facilitator

“With Gatewise our tenants don’t have to worry about losing their remote access cards or about enabling their guests come in with their cars. Their customer service is amazing”

Paul Ivanoff
Treasurer at Univesco

“We’ve saved both time and money using Gatewise. We used to spend hours updating our tenant lists. Now it takes just a couple of minutes. We’ve also been able to get rid of the gate call-boxes, which are expensive to maintain, especially outside in the elements. With Gatewise, there are no moving parts.”

Make it easy, let the right people in

Open vehicle gates,
pedestrian gates,
and amenity doors
via smartphone

Use Gatewise for fast smartphone entry. You can choose to keep vehicle gates open during peak hours. If you want, customize Gatewise so that remote visitor access isn’t allowed for amenities.

Tenants can let guests
in without a callbox

No need to deal with callboxes anymore. With one easy click on the Gatewise app, tenants can let their visitors in.

No need for Wifi or Phone
Line at the Gate

Gatewise utilizes Bluetooth technology and high-speed data so your WiFi doesn’t need to extend to gate access points. Even better, there are never software updates to install, and there is no motherboard to maintain.

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We’re committed to technology that works

Callboxes are terrible. That’s the consensus. There are just too many moving parts. This leads to communication and integration issues between all of the different systems. Plus, this technology was designed decades ago and it’s very costly to repair or replace. We designed Gatewise to be incredibly smooth and easy-to-use for both property managers and tenants. Instant access, automatic tenant list updates, and free repairs. That’s the Gatewise commitment.

Traditional Callbox
  • $10k to $15k to purchase and install
  • $2 to $3k a year to maintain (Landlines / Fixing)
  • 2-3 CM hours a week to add & remove tenants
  • $599 HW + Install
  • Starting at $199 / Month
  • $0 maintenance (Full time warranty)

We’ve thought of everything

Clickers for the 5% of tenants that don’t have smartphones.

Use your existing callbox for police, trash, fire, etc. (or we will install a keypad).

We cover all maintenance and repairs in our monthly fee.

Works alongside your current system so you can phase it out at your own pace.

Get people through the gate.
Get back to business.

Update your gate access system with easy-to-use technology
that eliminates the need for costly hardware

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