Gatewise Versus ButterflyMX: A Comparative Examination

A Comparative Analysis of Gatewise advantages over ButterflyMX when it comes to multifamily garden style properties

What are the key differences between Gatewise and ButterflyMX?

Both Gatewise and ButterflyMX are prominent players in the digital access control sector, both having been established with the aim of modernizing the industry and replacing traditional intercom systems. While both companies share this vision, their focus areas and product suitability for specific segments of the multifamily housing market differ significantly. In this article, we delve into the reasons why Gatewise offers a more optimal solution for multifamily properties with car gates, especially garden-style communities, compared to ButterflyMX, which is better suited for high-rise and apartment buildings. Go here to read a detailed comparison between Gatewise & Brivo.

Product Features

ButterflyMX’s solution relies on surface-mounted intercom units equipped with advanced features such as video calls and recording capabilities. However, the high costs associated with purchasing and installing these units make them less suitable for properties seeking cost-effective solutions. Internet connectivity as a base requirement at each access point is making the ButterflyMX solution less relevant to many multifamily properties. In contrast, Gatewise stands out by not requiring any connectivity infrastructure at the access point location, simplifying both the installation process and ongoing maintenance. This distinction is particularly advantageous for properties in areas prone to vandalism, where ButterflyMX’s surface-mounted units may be vulnerable.

Pricing Structure

Gatewise and ButterflyMX both operate on a tier-based subscription payment model. However, Gatewise boasts a transparent and straightforward pricing model, making it easier for users to estimate costs. With Gatewise, pricing starts at $199 per access point per month, with a one-month free offer for an annual subscription and three months free for a two-year subscription. On the other hand, ButterflyMX’s pricing model is slightly more complex, based on the cost per apartment unit per year, ranging from $30 to $42, plus an additional annual software fee per apartment unit for features like live video calling.

Consequently, the final price for ButterflyMX can vary depending on the integrations and features added to the property. When comparing the annual costs for an 8-door multifamily apartment setup, Gatewise proves to be more economical, with estimated annual costs of $2,388 for the first access point compared to ButterflyMX’s estimated $4,745 for the same setup with no additional features. Moreover, Gatewise offers a simpler installation cost structure, charging $599 per access point (with an additional $250 per access point for clicker-enabled setups), while ButterflyMX’s costs escalate due to the need for surface intercom units, ranging from $3,995 to $6,150 per unit.



Both Gatewise and ButterflyMX offer a wide range of integrations with major Property Management Systems (PMS) such as Yardi, Resman, and Realpage, enabling seamless workflow management for multifamily property owners and managers.

User Experience

Gatewise prioritizes a mobile-first experience, supplemented by optional add on interfaces like clickers. This approach provides a modern and streamlined user experience and reduces costs by eliminating the need for control surface units at each access point. In comparison, ButterflyMX’s video surface units offer an alternative for users without access to the mobile app or key fobs but come with additional costs.


Gatewise app

While ButterflyMX may excel in high-rise and apartment buildings with its video call-based surface units, Gatewise emerges as the ideal solution for gated communities and garden-style properties. Gatewise’s platform is tailored to the specific needs and cost considerations of B and C class properties, offering simplicity, affordability, and full adaptation to market requirements. In contrast, ButterflyMX’s product vulnerabilities and connectivity requirements make it less suitable for these property types. Gatewise’s focus on multifamily property management, particularly for B and C class properties, sets it apart from competitors like ButterflyMX, demonstrating its commitment to providing simple, cost-effective solutions tailored to market needs. While ButterflyMX may cater to a broader range of needs and markets, including secure buildings and student housing, its flexibility comes with increased installation complexity and ongoing costs.