What apartment entry system should I get

June 23, 2022

Apartment entry system

We all want an entry system for our communities to keep them safe, while letting the right people (residents / visitors / vendors) in. Currently most communities are still using Doorking telephone entry system that is old and outdated.
While the multifamily market keeps on adopting new technologies, choosing the right community or apartment entry system is becoming confusing.
So what is really important to consider when making such a decision.
Simplicity – system that does not contain of lots of moving parts. traditional systems includes many connected parts such as – communication closets, wiring, dedicated computer, telephone entry call box, key fobs and card readers.
Each of those part can malfunction at some point and the entire system is down. You want to keep it simple.
Cloud based – that’s part of make it simple, but also allows in today’s environment to manage your community from everywhere.
Integrations with your management software. Wether you are using RealPage, Yardi, Resman, Entrata, Apfolio or any other system, you don’t want to manage 2 separate systems.
One system for all – Instead of using one system for the vehicle gates and other for doors & amenities – you want a system that combines all.
Easy to use, Easy to support – with all the new and shiny software around us we tend to forget that those innovations are here to make our life more simple and not more complicated.
Prefer the solutions that do the simple thing in a great way. Use only system where the residents can easily contact support directly.
Low & predictable setup price – Being  measured by NOI, don’t put too much on your one time expenses, and prefer the reduced subscription cost that, avoiding lowering your NOI while keeping the relationship with the company you chose to use their product
know what you pay and what you get, avoid surprises. Do not compromise on life time warranty on the system as long as you pay subscription. By that you will avoid unexpected system failures that require costly repairs.
One stop shop – Only chose a product that can be installed by the company. Avoid working with “local distributors”. Unlike the community or apartment entry system product company that has relationship with you due to the fact you are a subscriber, the independent installer just want to make as much $ as possible with no incentive to do a good job or give a good service.
The access control market is a tough market. If the entry system company does not have the ability to install their system, there is a gap between the product and the field which you want to avoid
Choose only product that was developed ONLY for multifamily. This is how you will get the most value.


Amit Sherman | CEO | Gatewise
Smart Access for Multifamily

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