Gatewise Versus Brivo: A Comparative Analysis

A Comparative Analysis of the pros and cons of Gatewise, and Gatewise advantages over Brivo for the multifamily market.


In the realm of access control management, Gatewise and Brivo stand out as formidable contenders, each offering robust platforms tailored to different market niches. While Gatewise specializes in catering to the multifamily sector, prioritizing seamless operations and resident satisfaction, Brivo has a large product portfolio that extends beyond Multifamily.

Gated community


When it comes to pricing, Gatewise shines with its transparent subscription-based plans, which are straightforwardly calculated based on the number of gate/access points managed. In contrast, obtaining a quote from Brivo requires engaging with their sales team, potentially leading to less visibility and integration within yearly budget estimations. Additionally, Gatewise’s pricing structure remains consistent regardless of fluctuating factors like the number of residents, guests, or managed groups, ensuring clarity in both setup and maintenance costs.


Gatewise’s commitment to multifamily properties is evident in its feature-rich offerings tailored specifically to this market segment. From access control sensors equipped with cellular data plans to a dedicated mobile app facilitating secure guest access and seamless resident experiences, Gatewise prioritizes functionality that enhances both operational efficiency and resident satisfaction. Furthermore, the Gatewise management web portal provides intuitive tools for overseeing access permissions, allowing for customizable security settings tailored to multifamily management requirements.


While both Gatewise and Brivo offer integrations with various platforms and tools for property management, Gatewise sets itself apart by prioritizing compatibility with leading multifamily management systems like Resman and Yardi, which are not available with Brivo. This focus ensures seamless integration and enhanced operational efficiency for property management companies utilizing these platforms.

User Experience

Gatewise distinguishes itself by offering a user-friendly app tailored exclusively to multifamily residents, prioritizing simplicity and ease of use. In contrast, Brivo’s app caters to a broader range of use cases, resulting in a more technical-oriented experience. Given the significance of digital access experience in attracting and retaining residents, Gatewise emerges as the preferred choice for enhancing both resident satisfaction and management efficiency.

Gatewise app


While Brivo caters to a diverse array of business cases, including office buildings and secure facilities, Gatewise remains steadfast in its dedication to serving the multifamily market. By prioritizing operational efficiency, resident experience, and financial transparency, Gatewise offers a comprehensive solution tailored specifically to the needs of multifamily management companies and residents alike.