Gatewise releases new online Management Portal for multifamily communities

March 23, 2022

Gatewise releases new online Management Portal for multifamily communities-3

The new release offers the simplest access control solution for multifamily communities, while providing powerful tools for community managers.

Houston, TX: Gatewise today announced the release of their updated cloud-based management portal. The portal offers simple access point management for community managers that allows them to easily manage gates, doors, and users from any where, and any device.

“We’re excited to launch the new version of our management portal for multifamily communities,” says Amit Sherman, CEO and Co-Founder of Gatewise. “We started Gatewise 3 years ago with a focus on making access control better for multifamily and the recent releases of our new mobile app and management portal are helping our customers save time and money every day, while providing a better access experience for their residents.”

The new management portal allows community managers to:

  • Set specific hours that a door can be accessed
  • Set specific hours that a gate is to remain open for public access
  • Add and remove residents, staff, and vendors
  • View a full access log for each gate and door
  • Choose which access points are available to residents in the mobile app
  • Regional managers can manage all communities from one portal

In addition to the new portal, Gatewise recently released a new version of their mobile app that allows residents and staff the ability to open gates and doors with their phone.

The new Gatewise management portal is available now. For more information, visit our New & Upcoming Features page.

About Gatewise

Gatewise is the simplest access control solution built specifically for the needs of multifamily communities. We help you eliminate call boxes, clickers, and dedicated phone lines and computers. Simply log into our convenient online management portal from any device to manage all access points and users within your community in real time. When integrated with a leading property management system, resident access will automatically be granted/revoked upon move-in or move-out, saving your team valuable time.