Mastering Apartment Gate Access and Security: The Complete Guide for 2024

Why would you consider a community gate? How much does it cost? What is a “gate code”? Can residents open the apartment gate with an app?

Why would you even consider a community gate? Do security gates reduce crime? How much does an apartment gate cost? What is a “gate code”? Can residents open the apartment gate with an app? So many questions….

The good news is that it is way less complicated than it might look.

By the time you will finish reading this article, you will have all the basic understanding, to successfully handle this task.

We sent this article to 3 different regional managers. Two of them needed a Gate repair, since the old access systems stopped working.

The other one needed to set a new system in a new construction. All three of them solved the issues with a reliable solution and at a reasonable price and very happy with the outcome.

Apartment Gate – The Complete Guide for 2022

Does a gated community increase property value?

Why do you need a community gate, to begin with? Does an apartment gate can let you charge higher rent? Do security gates reduce crime?

Well while the answers to all these questions are “Absolutely Yes”, this is not the main reason.

In the U.S. over 60% of the Apartment communities are equipped with a security gate, and it was recently rated among the top 5 most important requirements when a resident is about to choose an apartment community.

Not only it increase the safety feeling, just like in gated neighborhoods, the fact that not anyone can get in, makes your community a “members club” that you need to be a member to get in.

How much does a neighborhood gate cost?

The price of a commercial gate entry system varies and it’s not easy to predict. However, the physical gate & engine, will range between $3,000 to $13,000.

That does not include the physical access control system – which is what allows controlling who can access and who can’t.

This is the “brain” of the system and is the most important component for security.

The cost of the standard systems can runs anywhere from $2,500 to more than $100,000, depending on many factors such as the size of the system, the brand, and the features.

What is an apartment gate code? (or how do you let guests in)

As mentioned in the last paragraph – the access system is the brain of the gate and the most important component that will allow you to manage your resident’s access, let them let guests in, revoke access when they move out, and so on.

The most common access system currently integrated with apartment gates, is a Callbox also known as a gate box.

Callbox - gate box
Doorking Gate Box

Doorking Gate Box

  1. A resident will pull up with the car and will tap a 4 digits code, to make the gate open. Not so safe is it? Nothing prevents from everyone around to be familiar with the code in no time, so why don’t you just keep the gate open? OR… how to open a gate in a gated community THE RIGHT WAY?
  2. Residents will receive a clicker or a key fob they will attach to a reader just on top of the call box. This physical device will be usually activated at the leasing office. Most apartments will charge a deposit of $50 for that fob or clicker.
  3. But how will you let guests in? or the Pizza delivery guy with a warm pepperoni pizza you ordered while the gate is closed? Well, there are few approaches, one would be that the guest will scroll using the A & Z buttons through the entire community resident names, until reaching the desired one, and will then click the call button. Hopefully if all works fine, a phone call will be created to the resident phone, and he will be able to press #9 to open the gate remotely.
  4. Another feature some of the community use, to avoid scrolling through the entire resident’s list (The Pizza will get cold…), is to have a gate code per tenant. Usually a 4 digits code, different code to each tenant, that when pressed, directly calls to the resident. The problem would be how to let the Pizza guy know about this code… What are the chances he will remember that when standing with the Pizza at the gate…

Apartment gate opener app

Apartment gate opener app

Open apartment gate with an app

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