Apartment Automatic Gate Repair – 5 Ways to Save

Learn efficient ways to save on apartment automatic gate repair costs. Explore expert tips to maintain security without overspending. Dive into savings now!

Apartment automatic gate repair costs can be expensive! Here are some easy ways to save:

Having access control systems for your Apartment Community is an excellent selling point and provides physical security.

Because this applies whether you have new construction or established properties, it is important for all gated communities. But, Apartment Automatic Gate Repair often comes with a hefty price tag.

And when your apartment gate won’t open or close it’s frustrating! Therefore, following these simple tips can save you time and money so you can meet budget goals.

1. Understand the details, features, and parts of your automatic gate!

Is your automated gate entry system a sliding gate, swing Gate or double Swing Gate? Does your gate entry system require a gate intercom and knowing how to program an apartment gate remote? Do you have universal apartment gate codes but don’t have records of them? Above all, knowing the details of your access control system will help with knowing what parts or service are needed.

For instance, keep instructions for how to program gate remotes and gate intercoms. In addition, store your access control system diagrams.

Also, keep all receipts and warranty info for your apartment gate because many parts come with a warranty!

Therefore, having this info handy will save you time and money. For instance, knowing what parts are needed saves on contractor trip and part costs. In conclusion, it’s very helpful to have this handy!

2. Make sure you keep up-to-date on proper maintenance for your gate.

Simple routine maintenance can extend the life of your gate entry systems. For example, keeping the iron clean will prevent rust on your electric gate’s hinges and parts.

In addition, all electrical parts of your apartment gate should be kept clean and free of dust. Also check the gate motor, cables and gate intercom to ensure they are working properly.

In conclusion, it’s best to develop a monthly routine for checking these systems.

3. Enlist the help of a professional for your apartment's automatic gate.

Find a gate repair company near you to provide preventative maintenance and handle any repairs you may need.  

Consider using a service like Yelp so you can research gate repair companies near you. You can even read reviews for these access control companies and select a trusted expert..

4. Listen to your multifamily residents!

Your residents access your gate entry systems daily. Therefore, they are your best source to find a small issue before it turns big! I

Your residents may complain that the apartment gate won’t open and close. Also, they may say that the gate intercom isn’t working and may have other broken gate issue.

Therefore you should take a minute to go check it out. Try to understand the broken gate issue before calling a gate repair company. It may be a simple issue and ignoring it could cost you big!

5. Consider upgrading your apartment access control system to a simpler and more modern system.

Gatewise offers a simple app to open your apartment gate! In addition, it requires little equipment with no moving parts. In other words, your Multifamily residents will simply open the gate with a cell phone!

Eliminate your apartment gate codes because the whole neighborhood knows them. No more gate remotes and call boxes! Also, eliminate one of your multifamily utility companies by ditching the required phone line! Open your automated gate with a gate app and be a step above your competitors!

Gatewise will work with your existing access control system. Take your physical security to the next level!

We focus solely on Multifamily properties and provide impeccable customer service!

Visit us at www.gatewise.com today to learn more and request a no obligation online demo! Click the video link to see what one of the leading executives in Mutlifamily Property Management has to say about Gatewise.

Apartment Automatic Gate Repair conclusion

• Know your Apartment Automatic Gate.
• Perform routine maintenance.
• Enlist the help of a professional.
• Listen to your Residents.
• Upgrade your system to modern technology like Gatewise.

Your residents and budget will thank you for it!

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