Terms And Conditions if using iConstrux

This project shall start within 10 business day(s) after ICONstrux Technology Solutions receives the executed contract, other contract related documents and a materials deposit, if required (See “Invoicing/Payments” below), and necessary materials. This project shall be completed within 4 business day(s) of start, provided that any additional approvals from Owner or any Owner-supplied materials and order materials are available in a timely manner. The Owner and ICONstrux Technology Solutions shall decide the order in which the areas of work are to be completed. Product lead times and adverse weather can affect start and completion times. ICONstrux Technology Solutions reserves the right to adjust the schedule as necessary based in these specific conditions.


ICONstrux Technology Solutions shall have reasonable access to the areas of work, as coordinated with Owner to minimize impact to normal business. Any access issues or changes in access may delay the project completion date.


ICONstrux Technology Solutions shall be responsible for maintaining a well-ordered, clean, and safe job site. During the work process, dust and debris may be unavoidable ICONstrux Technology Solutions shall take reasonable steps to minimize the disruption of normal business operations when possible. ICONstrux Technology Solutions shall be responsible for the complete removal and offsite disposal of the debris generated from the work area.


ICONstrux Technology Solutions shall be responsible for leaving the work area in a safe and orderly condition at the end of each working day. ICONstrux Technology Solutions shall not be responsible for vandalism, acts of God/natural disasters, or other conditions outside of their control. All security services, onsite security, or monitoring while under construction will be the sole responsibility of the Owner.


ICONstrux Technology Solutions shall endeavor to provide its workers with a safe job site. All workers shall be trained to work in a safe manner according to best practice. The crew foreman shall have an OSHA approved first aid kit. Applicable MSDS sheets can be provided upon request. ICONstrux Technology Solutions shall abide by all OSHA rules and regulations.


The owner shall be invoiced 50% at job start and the balance upon completion. Payment Terms: NET 30

All Payments shall be sent to ICONstrux Technology Solutions Office at 1240 West 25th Street Houston, Texas 77008. After 30 Days Past Due, balances bear an interest rate of 1.5%, per month, and costs to collect.


ICONstrux Technology Solutions shall carry and maintain a minimum of $2,000,000 of General Liability Insurance during the entire course of the project. Insurance Certificates are available upon request.


Due to the nature of development and implementation of new technologies, model numbers and options change frequently. We reserve the right, if model specified becomes discontinued/unavailable, to provide a comparable specification. Owner will be notified if a substitution will not be of equal value or if an alternate selection will increase the final invoiced amount.


ICONstrux Technology Solutions provides an industry standard warranty of 1 year on workmanship in most circumstances. Product warranties will vary and are covered directly by the manufacturer’s warranty. Please refer to the specific product manufacturer for this information as limitations may apply.
Product care information may be available through the Manufacturer, Manufacturer’s web site, or through a third party. ICONstrux Technology Solutions is not responsible for ongoing care, maintenance, or misuse of any product.


Execution of this proposal or a client’s contract based on this proposal constitutes the consent and authorization for ICONstrux Technology Solutions and/or its agents, to take photographs and/or video of the work contracted within this agreement. ICONstrux Technology Solution has permission, to copyright, use, and publish the same in print and electronically as it desires. It is agreed that ICONstrux Technology Solutions may use such photographs/video for any lawful purpose,

including such purposes of publicity, illustration, advertising, and web content.

ICONstrux Technology Solutions must coordinate to produce these forms of media with the owner or owner’s representative.