Traditional Access Systems VS Modern Gate Apps

Explore how modern gate apps offer enhanced reliability and convenience compared to traditional access systems. Say goodbye to bulky clickers and embrace a streamlined solution for property access management.

Access Systems: Why do they always seem to be such a pain?!

Gated Access Systems provide our communities with a sense of safety, but they often cause many headaches on-site for both staff and residents.

Sometimes the system “forgets” certain residents. or the gate clickers run out of battery. Or the call box doesn’t work as intended, or the gate just plain won’t open.

Whatever the issue is – if residents can’t easily get into their community, they are bound to start a fuss (understandably).

Gate Apps > Traditional Access Systems

Most gated communities use the conventional access systems with the call box we all know and love : ) – You pull up to the call box in front of the gate, click your clicker or swipe your card and the gate opens.  If you have guests over, they dial your code on the keypad and you can press #9 on your phone to let them in.  Simple, right?

Open Gate with Phone

The problem with these traditional access systems is simple: If even ONE of these many pieces of equipment breaks, your entire system stops working properly, residents start complaining, and you’ve gotta pay someone for gate repair.

Half the time, you don’t even know what is wrong with the DoorKing Software. Then you have to call DoorKing Tech Support and even they can’t help you!

This wiegand technology hasn’t been updated much since the 1980’s. We want to help make gate access easier for the entire multifamily industry.

Modern Gate Apps like Gatewise rely on a vastly simpler – and therefore more reliable – suite of hardware.

We simply wire our proprietary Gatewise Receiver (with ZERO moving parts) to any working access gate. And you can now open gate with cell phone.

Because there is only one piece of hardware, Gatewise rarely breaks, and it is much easier to repair if it does (we repair our equipment for free!).

Not only is it more reliable, but it obviously fits in better with the modern world.  No more carrying around bulky clickers – or fielding calls from frustrated guests who can’t get the call box to work!  Just press the button, and open gate with cell phone!