Shelly’s Community Management Tips

These tips are made for you to improve your Community Operation by saving time and money! Enjoy!

These tips are made for you to improve your Community Operation by saving time and money! Enjoy!

How to add staff to your Access Control System:

Adding and removing staff members is totally in your control with Gatewise!

Simply use the Staff Users Tab on your side menu and then hit the blue Invite Staff Member Button.

Select which type of access you want to add:

24/7 Access will give the Staff access to the gate app on their phone and requires you to enter their name and cell phone number.

Restricted & Full portal access gives the staff access to sign into the portal. You just need to enter their name and email.

Staff who need access to the app and the portal should be added twice to the system. Once with 24/7 Access and One with Restricted or Full Portal Access.

To remove them, click on the three dots to the right of their listing and choose Archive.

Gatewise app management portal

Invite Staff Members on Gatewise

List of authorized residents who are sharing their access with unauthorized users

How to use the Flagged Users feature:

Have you been wondering what the flagged user’s feature is for? It will become your best friend once you master it!

With Flagged users, you will find a list of residents who are sharing their access with unauthorized users.

The best practice is to have a conversation with the Resident who is sharing access with unauthorized users (non-residents) to find out why they are sharing it.

Sometimes it’s something simple like they are sharing it with a child, sometimes, it’s a good indicator of an unauthorized occupant. After your conversation, hit the three dots to the right and reset the flag. Check back in a few weeks to see if they are back on the list.

Find Flagged users on Gatewise

How to get a full list of your community residents using Gatewise:

Do you want a quick and easy way to get a list of your Residents with their cell phone numbers without running a large report in your Property Management software? The resident list will do that for you!

Go to your users tab, and to the right of the Status column header, you will see three dots. From here, you can choose “export to excel” and Voila! a list of all of your Residents with their cell phone numbers will be exported right to your computer.

If you need helpful ways to follow up on your communities renewals or collections. This easy-to-export list is super helpful.

 Export a full list of your residents to Excel with Gatewise

How to know how many residents are using the Gatewise App:

Do you wonder how many of your Residents are using the Gatewise app?

From your users tab you can see the total number of Residents in your system. Change the “Any” Status from the drop down menu to “Pending,” and you will see a new number of users at the top that indicates residents who have not yet signed into the app.

Residents marked as “Member” in their status have signed into the app. This is an excellent gauge to see how successful the app usage is and when to shut down your old methods of entry.

See your active users of Gatewise

And your greatest ally: Get Gatewise Support as soon as you need it.

Did you know support with Gatewise is right at your Fingertips? Whether you experience an issue, want to give feedback, have improvement ideas, or simply have a question, you can reach us quickly with the blue chat bubble in the bottom right corner of your Gatewise Portal. This is the fastest way to reach us as your message will go to the entire Customer Success Team!

You can also search the help articles for answers to common questions. Or email for a fast response.

We are here to help!

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