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Gate app,
that feels like magic

Meet the technology that lets tenants open gates with their cell phones

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Our mission

Community gates rely outdated technology that’s prone to break

Whether it’s software integration issues,hardware malfunctions, or callbox trouble with visitors, there’s always something going wrong with your gates.

All-in-one solution
for opening gates

Say goodbye to different systems, Pieces of hardware, and technology.
Gatewise is one simple-to-use system that opens gates via smartphone.

Top features


Get rid of callboxes, pedestals, and the unreliable technology associated with them

No callbox

Works for any vehicle gate, pedestrian gate, and amenity door that you choose to include



Gatewise provides easyreview of Access Logs, so you can quickly check every entry and exit


Bluetooth technology and high speed data so your system is always on no WiFi requirement

Built to last
  • All-in-one
  • Reliable technology
  • Designed with tenants and property
  • Simple hardware, zero moving parts

Even more great features
For tenants

Instantly open gates for visitors and deliveries remotely from anywhere

Provide a visitor’s key with 24-hour expiration in advance of unavailability to open

Open all gates hands free using Siri or Hey Google

Instantly open gates for visitors and deliveries remotely from anywhere

Open all gates without even open the App with our Smart Widget.

For property managers

Limit access for amenities in certain hours if you choose.

Clickers provided for tenants who don’t have smartphones.

Replaces the need for clickers and keyfobs.

Integrates with ResMan for instant updates.

Schedule gates to remain open in predefined hours.

We’re making multifamily gate
access as easy as possible

Reliant on outdated technology, community gates are ticking timebombs
It’s not a matter of if they’ll fail to work. It’s a matter of when.
Callboxes and pedestals can rack up thousands of dollars in repairs, and that’s on top of fees for landlines and software. These complicated systems just don’t work, and it’s time for them to go. Gatewise is an all-in-one solution that uses mobile technology, connects directly to the cloud, and makes it a breeze to update tenants’ access.


Traditional Callbox
  • $10k to $15k to purchase and install
  • $2 to $3k a year to maintain (Landlines / Fixing)
  • 2-3 CM hours a week to add & remove tenants
  • $599 HW + Install
  • Starting at $199 / Month
  • $0 maintenance (Full time warranty)

What client say
Stephanie Graves
Multifamily Executive, Speaker & Facilitator

“With Gatewise our tenants don’t have to worry about losing their remote access cards or about enabling their guests come in with their cars. It’s an essential step towards the living culture of the 21 century.”

Paul Ivanoff
Treasurer at Univesco

“We’ve saved both time and money using Gatewise. We used to spend hours updating our tenant lists. Now it takes just a couple of minutes. We’ve also been able to get rid of the gate call-boxes, which are expensive to maintain, especially outside in the elements. With Gatewise, there are no moving parts.”

Get people through the gate.
Get back to business.

Update your gate access system with easy-to-use technology
that eliminates the need for costly hardware

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