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About Gatewise

The simplest access control solution

Put the control back in access control with Gatewise.

Gatewise is the simplest access control solution built specifically for the needs of multifamily communities. We help you eliminate call boxes, clickers, and dedicated phone lines and computers.Simply log into our convenient online management portal from any desktop computer, laptop, or tablet to manage all access points and users within your community in real time.


When utilizing one of our integrations with a leading property management system, resident access will automatically be granted/revoked upon move-in or move-out, saving your team valuable time.

Residents and staff can open gates and doors with their phone using our app or voice controls like Siri.

Our system works using a combination of cellular data backed up by bluetooth to create a reliable solution for multifamily communities.

Our Story

Gatewise was started in 2017 with the goal of simplifying, and modernizing, community access for the multifamily industry.

Our CEO and Co-Founder, Amit Sherman, has an extensive background in product and mobile app development, having worked for many years at Intel and later founding his own mobile app development agency that created over 40 different apps in partnership with various companies.

One partnership he was involved in was called Home Gate — a solution to allow users to open their garage door with their phone.

He took his knowledge from this endeavor and approached a regional manager in Birmingham, Alabama with a “callbox of the future” type concept.

The manager let Amit know what he really needed was a simple way for residents to open the gate with their phone. He didn’t want to mess with the callbox anymore.

And thus, in 2017, Gatewise was born. Amit started working on modifying the Home Gate technology to fit the needs of the multifamily community and reached out to his friend and access control & security expert, Ron Shvetz, for help.

Together, using the latest in BLE and cellular technology, they created the Gatewise access control system that is available today.

Our mission is to relieve the stress of access control by offering the most convenient & enjoyable access control experience for multifamily communities.

We are committed to creating simple solutions that provide a high level of control to community managers to keep communities running smoothly.

Gatewise was founded by listening to the needs of the communities we serve and that is a hallmark of our company to this day.

You get the support of a team who really understands the multifamily industry and the technology that we’re producing so we can answer any questions and resolve any questions quickly.

Meet Our Team

Our team is led by a diverse group who have decades of experience in multifamily, security and access control, app development, marketing and more.

Amit Sherman

ceo &

Ron Shvetz

Installation ManageR & Co-founder

Roei Erez


Shelly Mulder

VP of customer success

John Reilly

Account executive

Our Values

Be reliable & transparent

Our customers and your team members are counting on you, so do what you say, show up on time, be clear with expectations and respect each other.


Teamwork makes the dream work

We are successful when our company goals are aligned with the success of our customers, partners and team members. Success with one does not happen without the others, so we must continue to invest in all aspects of our team.


Love what you do

We can achieve anything with passion and drive. We’re problem solvers who are energized by finding innovative solutions for our customers and our business.


Never stop learning

We are surrounded by people with experiences and knowledge different from our own. The greatest thing we can do is listen, learn, and use that information to continuously improve our products, services, business, and ourselves.


People first

We work with people, not companies. We value and invest in the personal relationships we have with our customers, partners, and team members so we can best serve everyone.


Keep it simple

We’ve built our entire business around the concept of simplicity. Simple solutions and simple processes make everyone’s lives easier and allow us to do more with less.

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